What is Party DJ?
Party DJ is an application that will allow for numerous people to have a say in the music at parties. This is because Party DJ lets everyone be the DJ. By using one person’s music streaming service account, such as Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Music, Soundcloud, or an iTunes library, people can collaborate on music being played at a party or an event. With this application, party goers can connect to a particular party when they get to the event. After they connect to the party that they are attending, they can then request the songs that they want to listen to. The songs that are available will be based on which music streaming service the host—which is the person that is controlling the main stream of music, has. Due to this, different songs may be available on certain services, while others are available on another (For example, when Taylor Swift only had certain albums available on Apple Music, and it wasn’t available on Spotify). The partiers will be told which music streaming service the music is coming from, and they will be able to search for the songs they want to listen to and add these songs to the host’s music cue. The user will be able to add a certain number of songs in a given amount of time. Once they select certain songs that they would like to listen to, they can view what’s up next in the queue and where their song lies in the list. If they want their song to increase in the queue, they can vote up for their songs. They can also vote up for other songs that they see that they may want to listen to. The user can also vote down for songs that they don’t like, and that will alter the placement of the song. Moreover, the user can save the playlist list and send it to themselves if they enjoyed the party, to listen on their own. Party DJ strives for happiness in all of its users. The app tries to allow a range of songs to be played based on voting, and song type. The host can invite people to join the party by sending out a code to them. They can share this code through social media or text. They can also allow their party to be discoverable and when people get nearby, they can automatically join in on the party. This application lets everyone at the party to have a say in the music, and relieves the stress of one person controlling the music the entire night.

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